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  • Laura 
5.0 star rating

We live in Houston, Texas and have family in Lexington. We purchased a used Audi 5 years ago from Audi of Lexington. When it came time to get a new Audi, we planned a trip to Lexington and purchased a 2014 Q7. The service was terrific and we were able to handle the majority of the interactions prior to arrival. When we arrived, our car was ready to go with everything done that we had negotiated! The staff is professional and helpful and did everything they said and then some. I would recommend Audi of Lexington to anyone in the market for a great car and great service!


a week ago-
Chad Kemmish and Martin Gillette were outstanding! We came from Louisville and they had everything ready to go. Martin went over everything inside the car so that we are familiar with all the settings. I couldn't ask for a better car buying experience!! Thank you so much for everything!

Paul TranRatingReview posted on
Oct 14, 2016
We live in Louisville where there is a Audi dealership. We ended up purchasing an Audi Q5 from the Audi of Lexington (about 75 miles away) for many reasons. To name a few, pricing was excellent (compared to our local Audi dealer), customer service was outstanding, salesman was not trying to push every little accessory and extra items, stayed open an hour past their closing to deliver the automobile, extremely friendly, etc. etc. My local Audi dealer said that the Lexington store sells on price while they sell on service. WRONG! The Audi of Lexington sells on pricing and great service. Will likely buy another Audi very soon and gladly make the trip to Lexington again! To you Jordan O'Brian (sales) and Chad Kemmish (general manager), thumbs up for running such a superb dealership. If you are looking for an Audi, give them a call. You will not be disappointed!

John Ross
Where do I start?  This dealership is the gold standard for customer service.  I'll be getting car #2 and #3 next month and plan on buying more in the future.  Chad, Mark, Matt, and Ron really make you feel welcome.  Lets be honest though, Audi's sell themselves.  If you show up, you've done some research and generally like the brand.  What really makes me, and others come back is the service dept.  Ron Powell is a difference maker.  He does what's best for the customer, and often that's not what's best for the dealership.  I never worry about service issues when I know Ron is at the desk.  These guys know you by name and are like family!

out of 5.0

Outstanding experience


Generally, I would rather go to the dentist than enter the doors of a car dealership. My experience at Audi of Lexington was the exception. My wife spoke with Tony SanFilippo over the phone concerning a truck in their pre-owned inventory. After some brief haggling, a preliminary offer was negotiated. Ahh, the moment of truth; when you find out the agreed upon deal is not actually reality. But to my surprise, when I got to the lot, the auto was exactly as described, and the deal actually as negotiated! Tony was professional and cordial, as were his colleagues. Although I did not finance this auto with the dealership, I enjoyed speaking with Mary in finance, who professionally guided me through the finalization process. This is a low pressure operation run by professionals who seem to sincerely enjoy their positions. An exceptional experience and a pleasure to conduct business at this dealership.

3 months ago-
I want to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone at Audi of Lexington! I had such an enjoyable experience working with Jordan O'Brien in the purchase of my new Audi Q5. He was not only very knowledgeable but went out of his way to help me and make me feel comfortable with my decision. My husband had previously met with Martin Gillette and came away with the same positive feelings. It is such a friendly, comfortable, laid back dealership. There is no time constraint or pressure to make a deal. Both Jordan and Martin were happy to spend hours looking at cars and options. It is clear they love Audi cars. I will highly recommend Audi of Lexington to family and friends. I miss you guys already :-)

Carl MarroneRatingReview posted on
Sep 23, 2016
Great experience! My wife and I were looking for a new Q7, and we searched from Cincinnati to Louisville to Indianapolis. Lexington was the ONLY dealership willing to negotiate with us. We worked with Jordan O'Brien. He was responsive, nice, and never once pressured us. He was also extremely honest about the waiting period for our car--when other dealerships gave us an unrealistic estimated time of arrival. I knew we could trust him after that. It's a smaller dealership, so they are able to dedicate more time to their customers. It was truly a pleasure to buy our dream car from Audi of Lexington. We will definitely bring our car there for service and maintenance when that time comes, and we will pass other Audi dealerships on the way. It's worth the drive!


Drove 2 hours to Lexington to purchase a new car. Hands down best buying experience ever. Everyone at the dealership was first class, laid back and made the experience a lot of fun, especially my salesman Matt Cantor....  Will be a customer for life.

William DunRatingReview posted on
Aug 14, 2016
I've purchased many cars (both for myself and my family) over the years. Without question, my experience at Audi of Lexington was the best. Much of our interaction was on the phone as I live over 150 miles from Lexington. When I made the 3 hour drive to Lexington I was extremely pleased with both the car and the purchase process. Jordan O'Brian and Matt Cantor were great to work with. Professional, honest, and willing to go the extra mile. I highly recommend Audi of Lexington.

  • Chevling

5.0 star rating

Matt Foster
 reviewed Audi of Lexington - 5 star
11 hrs · 

Awesome dealership! Best experience I've ever had buying a new car. We love our new s3. Matt was our salesman and he definitely went above and beyond! Mary was very helpful with our financing. Chad the general manager was fantastic. The whole place was very friendly. I honestly feel like we made new friends. I would recommend Audi of Lexington to anyone.

I had purchased a vehicle from this dealership (Audi of Lexington)couple week ago

And Jordan O'brien is my salesmen 
I'm very happy with the serviced I got from him
He's awesome 
He Been helping me with every single thing I needed 
And I loved my vehicle :)

I absolutely loved going here to buy a car! The guy that helped me, Ron Powell, listen to everything that i wanted in my next car. He showed me only the cars I wanted and stayed in my price range. I will always go back to Ron at Audi!!

Samantha Reynolds reviewed Audi of Lexington - 5 star
March 6

My husband and I dealt with Toni SanFilippo. I have to say he is hands down the best salesman we have ever dealt with! Super nice, not pushy, and sincerely just wanted to make sure we got the car we wanted with the options we wanted. Best experience I've ever had at a dealership!

 reviewed Audi of Lexington - 5 star

Awesome dealership! Best experience I've ever had buying a new car. We love our new s3. Matt was our salesman and he definitely went above and beyond! Mary was very helpful with our financing. Chad the general manager was fantastic. The whole place was very friendly. I honestly feel like we made new friends. I would recommend Audi of Lexington to anyone.

My Audi experience was awesome.  My salesperson was Jordan O'Brien and he was extremely knowledgeable, very friendly, and super attentive to our needs.  He made the deal happen for us.  We would go back to Audi for a third time  and we would only work with Jordan.

5.0 out of 5.0

Great Dealership and Salesman


I recently purchased a vehicle from Audi of Lex. It was a great buying experience and my salesman Jordan O'brien made it happen. I felt no pressure and enjoyed working with him to get the vehicle I wanted.

Kathy MacGillivrayRatingReview posted on
Jul 28, 2016
Really awesome experience working with Jordan O'Brien! I took a long while to decide on which vehicle to purchase and Jordan was always super nice and I never felt any pressure to buy. When I finally made the decision, I received a very fair price and the purchase process was seamless. I highly recommend both Jordan and Chad Kemmish, the general manager, who was also great to work with.


I just recently purchased a Q5 from the Audi dealership in Lexington and I cannot say enough about the service we received there. Matt Canter , Lex Sykes and the entire Audi team treated us like royalty and went above a beyond to accommodate us.  I LOVE LOVE my car and will definitely purchase from Audi again!

Geoffrey MasonRatingReview posted on
May 3, 2016
I concur with what others have said about the positive experience they've had with Audi of Lexington. I'm in another state and was looking for a specific pre-owned vehicle I found on this dealerships website. I was willing to travel within an approximate 200 miles radius to purchase the vehicle if I found everything I was looking for at the right price. I submitted a request on their website and received a call back from their salesman Jordan O'Brien. Jordan described all the specifics of the vehicle and we were able to work out the details within a few hours. I was a bit skeptical because the process was so easy (almost too easy) and I had not seen the vehicle in person. When I arrived at the dealership, everything was as described over the phone…NO SURPRISES! In addition, all of the staff we encountered was very friendly. This was the best car buying experience I've ever had and would not hesitate to travel over 200 miles to Audi of Lexington again!

When shopping around for a my new car, I came across many different dealerships. When I first walked into Audi of Lexington, I knew this was the right  place to purchase my new vehicle. The service is unmatched ANYWHERE else. Ron Powell is the main reason I chose this dealership. He has helped me so much and is always able to work around my schedules etc... He works with setting up appointments and anything else you may need. He is the BEST around and by far the best in the business. Audi of Lexington is the right choice!

Aleks MiskovRatingReview posted on
Mar 30, 2016
I worked with Jordan on the purchase of my 2013 A6 and I had a wonderful experience. This is my first Audi and I was looking for a very specific car. After a few months of searching the internet I found it at Audi of Lexington. The only problem was that I live in Wisconsin and the car was in Kentucky. Jordan and the team at Audi of Lexington made it a very enjoyable experience. I only wish they were my local Audi dealership. I would recommend Jordan to anyone! Thank you!

I bought aTrailBlazer for a fair price. Martin, Tony and Matt were very helpfull in my purchase. My experience was good and everyone was very helpfull. The atmosphere was friendly and the sale went smoothly for all of us. I to buy my next car here before the end of the year. My husband is going to need one, because the TrailBlazer is mine. :-)

5.0 out of 5.0

Audi of Lexington Ron Powell

by from Lexington, Kentucky

There were many options to choose from when I was searching for the right place to purchase my car. When I went to Audi of Lexington, there was no question this was THE best place to purchase my new vehicle. The service is great and they are very helpful! Ron Powell is the main reason I bought from here, though. He helps we scheduling your appointments and anything else you need. He is one of the best in the business, by far! The next car I purchase will for sure be from Audi of Lexington.

Owen - 5 starSo who sells you a car five thousand miles short of a major service interval but goes on and does all the work? Audi of Lexington does! Ron Powell in the service department is a stand up guy. Thanks guys for going the extra mile! Still loving the car.


I purchased an Audi A5 in Lexington on September 29th. It was a great experience! My consultant/saleman (Jordan O'Brien) took the time to answer all my questions over the phone. I live in Cincinnati, OH and because of my schedule, I would need the transaction to be simple and seamless. I arrived 30 minutes before they closed and was treated patiently throughout the transaction. Jordan and Mike Jiunta made me feel welcome and the result was a new car and a great experience.

Excellent experience with service center.  Was visiting the area, needed tire repair, and they were fast, professional, and courteous

I absolutely loved my buying experience at Audi of Lexington. Normally, I don't like the car buying experience. Even though I am a salesperson myself, I normally struggle with some car salespeople.   Most just are not very professional. I called about a 2012 Passat TDI Premium SEL and received a prompt and respectful reply. I visited the dealership and met Jordan O'Brien. He's young, very knowledgeable, and super professional. I was pleasantly surprised. The car was in perfect condition. I had done a lot of research before actually looking at the car. It was priced right, so I drove the car home that day. Every person in the dealership was very friendly and helpful. It's a great atmosphere ...

5.0 out of 5.0

Purchased an outstanding pre-owned Prius


I was in the market to replace my 2004 Toyota Prius and asked the manager Chad Kemmish to be on the look out for one. I gave him my requirments and price break and over the next couple of weeks received texts and photos of candidate automobiles. Finally, a like-new 2011 Toyota Prius came in that was in stunning condition and had the upgraded audio equipment I was looking for. Within a couple of weeks, I was able to drive down to Lexington and meet Chad who showed off the car and then let me test drive it. Afterwards, we went in and talked price, agreed in no time and the paperwork was set in motion. He offered me a fair price for the 2011 Prius and gave me a nice trade-in on my 2011 Prius. It was all handled with consumate professional courtesy and service. And outstanding car buying experience and I won't hesitate to return for another car when that time comes.

 - 5 starLove their service dept!

Where do I start....I first came to Audi of Lexington 3 years ago, I was in college and had no money, at the time I drove a beat up old Chevy Cavalier that was rusted and the muffler fell off of it awhile back (ah the good old first car).  In no way was I going to buy a car.  Despite this I am always treated with the same respect and dignity as the highest roller that ever walked in there and purchased two R8's for the fun of it.  The first time I walked in I was greeted by Matt C.  He is the best salesperson I've ever met, because he never tries to sell you a car.  I don't even consider him a salesperson, he's an Audi aficionado that is the conduit between you and a new car.  I consider him a good friend after all this time.  Matt showed me around and let me drive an A4 with no pressure to buy or do anything.  The next time I stopped by, I brought my wife and brother along.  Matt let us drive another A4 and a S4....a brand new loaded S4 for my poor college self to drive around ...

The typical car dealership experience gives me acid reflux. Why? Because the salesperson has to make a sale as quickly as possible and move on. Not with Tony SanFilippo at Audi of Lexington. When my Wife and I were looking for a car for her just before our second child was born, Mr. SanFilippo gave me the keys to a Q5 and we were in awe. I promised my Wife we would look at a Lexus (because her father insisted) to compare. Mr. SanFilippo wasn't even worried when we left. Not only was the experience at the dealership unpleasant, but the car drove like Ford Model A and the electronics are from the stone age compared to the Audi's of today. So, we came back to Audi of Lexington, and Mr. SanFilippo helped us close the deal. I have since bought two more cars from Audi of Lexington, and you can guess where I will buy my next car and from which salesperson. It's not just the cars that sell themselves in quality, reliability, performance, and comfort. My last purchase from Audi of Lexington ...

5.0 out of 5.0

Audi of Lex


Entire purchasing process was enjoyable and extremely fair and professional. Tony San Filipo is top notch.


Helping me make a final decision was a delight. Tony San Filipo offered invaluable help.  I was shown the vehicles and explained their advantages versus the other models I was interested in. After a second visit to dealership, Tony San Filipo help me go through the process swiftly. I appreciated his professionalism and assistance. Even when I had to repeatedly reschedule the session to be introduced to the multiple features of the vehicle, he was flexible and extremely helpful.

Scott - 5 starA car dealership isn't usually my favorite place to go, but when I drove in from Indiana and picked up my 2011 BMW 328i (yes, I bought a BMW at an Audi dealer!), these guys made the whole process easy. The car's description was accurate, their finance rate beat my bank's rate, and they didn't treat me like a "second-class" customer because I was buying a used car. It was my first long-distance car buying experience, and I'd recommend them!

I was recently searching for a particular color and trim level Audi Q5 for my wife.  I located the exact match at Audi of Lexington, but there was one small issue, I live nearly 500 miles away in Milwaukee, WI.   I made the call and spoke with Jordan O'Brien.  I explained that in my busy life, if this transaction was going to take place it had to be virtuously seamless.  Jordan immediately went to bat and went out of his way to thoroughly describe every aspect of the particular vehicle along with answering my very specific questions.  I made a commitment for the vehicle over the phone, sight unseen.  At this point Mike Jiunta jumped in and handled the finance aspect.  A few days later my wife and I got in our car and made the 500 mile drive to Audi of Lexington.  When we arrived everything that I requested to be ready for us was all lined up and ready to go.  The process went as smooth as it could possibly go!  Jordan and Mike greeted us and made us feel right at home.  Everything ...

5.0 out of 5.0

Great dealership


I was looking for a vehicle online and found it at the Audi of Lexington KY, I called to check out this vehicle and spoke to Jordan O'brien. He was able to answer all my questions and concerns about the vehicle and set up an appointment for me to come in to look at it. I did, and he was very personable and knowledgeable. I am in sells myself, not vehicles, but I appreciated how he took his time and did not overly push the vehicle on me. It was the vehicle I wanted and Jordan worked to get the price I wanted to be at. It was the easiest vehicle I have ever purchased. Make sure you ask for Jordan when you go to look at your next vehicle.

3 months ago-
This dealership is wonderful. Tony is great! He handled our purchase perfectly. Looking for an Audi? Ask for him! We are glad we did.


We are a two Audi family. On both September 23rd and 24th (for separate reasons with different Audi automobiles) I had the pleasure of interacting with Matt Cantor (our sales consultant for both cars) and Ron (service).  Matt, as always, couldn't do enough to make sure things were being tended to and Ron got right to it and  asked his technician to check tire pressure because the indicator light had come on.  Mike, the technician, was conscientious and attentive and found a nail in the tire on 9/23.  WOW!  He could have easily re-set the "setting" without checking so thoroughly but thankfully, the dealership's commitment to  "doing things right" dominated.  Each of the gentlemen I dealt with was thorough, most gracious and exemplified that commitment.  Matt, Ron, Mike: thank you all!

I purchased a new Audi Q5 from Audi of Lexington on July 31st. My salesman, Jordan O"Brienwas GREAT along with the Q5.First the sales experience-Jordan was very friendly, helpful and professional. There was no high sales pressure [which I hate], all questions were answered in an honest and straightforward manner. Jordan knew the car the I was looking at as all questions concerning the car wereanswered. I can recommend Jordan O'Brien as a pleasant to deal with salesman and would returnto him and this dealership without reservation.Second the Q5-This care is amazing! It is an SUV that drives and handles like a sports car.I traded ina Lexus 450h, my wife, the main driver of this vehicle says this care is smoother and ...

came from nashville tn  everything great they gave us a better rate than our bank back home

Haley  - 5 starMost amazing and convenient car service ever! Thank you Audi of Lexington!

I received just amazing service from Audi of Lexington when I was in the market for a used car to replace my Toyota Prius. I gave the general manager, Chad Kemmish, the general parameters of what I was looking for and within a couple of weeks was receiving texts with pictures of possible options. A week later I saw a Kentucky Blue 2011 Prius that was in excellent condition and asked Chad to hold it for me. The car was in superb condition and had the high quality audio I was looking for without a number of extraneous features that I really wasn't in the marker short, it was perfect. After a test drive, I purchased the Prius for a fair price and received a good offer on my trade-in. All in all, it was just an enjoyable buying experience and I would highly recommend this dealership to any of my friends

I have never had great luck (or even decent luck) with cars.  The experience I had at Audi was like none before.  There is a certain guard you put up when you go to buy a new car - always feeling like you're getting swindled - but when I came to this dealership I immediately felt comfortable.  I was open about the fact that I had a limited amount of money to spend and my salesperson (Chad Kemmish) didn't try to talk me into something that I couldn't afford.  I got a very nice car and was happy with what I paid.  I have dealt with three other dealerships in town and this is by FAR my best experience.

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out of 5.0

Professional and Courteous


Very impressed with the customer service, professionalism, knowledge, and courtesy we experienced at Audi of Lexington throughout our entire purchasing process.

 - 5 starAmazing dealership! I couldn't have been more pleased with our buying experience today. Our salesman, Matt, was knowledgable, professional, and friendly. I will recommend this dealership, and especially Matt, to all of our family and friends. This level of service in unsurpassed!

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