Sell or Trade in Your Car in Lexington, Kentucky

At Audi of Lexington, We'll Buy Your Car

Selling your car in Kentucky poses several challenges. It can be difficult to find a buyer you can rely on, or to figure out exactly how much you should charge for your vehicle. However, selling your vehicle does not have to be intimidating. At Audi of Lexington, we will buy your car, and make the process as easy as possible. Get started with the form below or visit our Lexington dealership for a no-obligation appraisal.

Get a Quick, Accurate Estimate

Nicholasville residents who want to sell their car can get an accurate Kelley Blue Book estimate of their vehicle's value. They can then get an instant cash offer from our dealership. After you get your estimate, just bring your car to Audi of Lexington within seven days. You can then get cash or trade-in credit for your vehicle.

Trade In your Car

Trading in your car is a great option for Richmond drivers who want to purchase a vehicle and save money in the process. If you choose to get trade-in credit instead of cash for your vehicle, you can get the amount of your vehicle's value deducted from the purchase of another vehicle.

Why Sell or Trade In at a Dealership?

Selling your vehicle to Audi of Lexington is much easier than trying to sell it by yourself around Frankfort. Our dealership is part of the Gates Auto Family, and it's important to us to maintain a diverse selection of used vehicles. We want to buy your car, so we will make it as easy as possible for you to sell it to us.

Sell Your Car to Audi of Lexington

Georgetown drivers who need to sell or trade in their car can get a great deal at Audi of Lexington. To find out more about how we can buy your car, contact us today!