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Find This Month's Audi Lease and Finance Deals in Kentucky

The Audi brand is more than familiar with all of the requirements they're expected to meet regarding the quality control they possess. Sometimes, they are almost expected to be as accurate to the models that consumers are inspired by, especially when they're very popular in Kentucky.

Those who might want to tap into the brand's popularity would want to learn more about the incentives that they possess; it's always a treat when car buyers are given more encouragement to buy a new model in Nicholasville, and the Audi brand is no exception. We are here to go over the newest incentives we have available at Audi of Lexington.

Finding A Lease

Audi lease offers allow you to routinely upgrade your Audi every few years. For customers shopping for the latest Audi models at a deal on monthly payment will find great options in our Audi lease offers. 


Find the latest Audi Financing offers at Audi of Lexington. When you qualify for promotional rates, you'll be excited to explore our Financing deals. 

Other Offers

These two options aren't the only available incentives to buy a new Audi near Georgetown; there are plenty of bonus rental days to take advantage of as well as special programs that might fit certain car buyers.

Retired military citizens are given an Expatriate Program for their duty serving the country. The Diplomat and College Graduate programs work to reduce the amount of money they'd owe for a new vehicle. Both first-time buyers and foreign business people could receive special discounts if they start getting into larger jobs.

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