Think of all the things you love about the Audi Q5 from Audi of Lexington. What categories does it cover? Likely that list includes its energetic powertrain, its intuitive technology, and elegant design. There are plenty of reasons why you, its driver, should love the new Audi Q5. But have you considered why your passengers always insist you drive when it comes time to make the journey through Lexington, Kentucky? We are willing to bet there are some features you passengers love that you may not have given much thought to.

The Audi Q5 may be fun to drive, but it might even be more fun for your passengers. This compact SUV has cut no corners to ensure everyone has a great time on your travels. Audi of Lexington wants to take a look at some of the features that could have you considering letting someone else drive next time out.

  • Copious Passenger Space: Something every passenger loves, in particular when they are sitting in the back seat, is legroom. That is something you should never hear your passengers complain about in the Audi Q5. You'll find it provides plenty, with 41 inches to enjoy in the front seat and 37.8 inches of legroom in the back seat. That is plenty of room for your taller riders to stretch out and relax.
  • Comfortable Cabin and Features: Nothing can turn a long trip sour quicker than uncomfortable seats. The seats of the Audi Q5 are large and comfortable. Seats are available heated or with lumbar support. The tri-zone automatic climate control ensures each seat is situated in the Goldilocks Zone when it comes to temperature: Just right.
  • Leather Seating: Anyone who rides in your Audi Q5 will feel like a first-class passenger, thanks to the standard leather upholstery. What else would you expect from a leader in luxury, like the Audi Q5?
  • Available Ambient Lighting: Nothing sets a mood better than the right lighting. The Audi Q5 brings you standard ambient lighting with white LED lights setting the tone for your drive. Or liven up a night out for your special someone with dynamic lighting packages, like the available Maritime Blue and Impulse Red.
  • Excellent Infotainment: Surely, you can benefit from the all-new, massive 10.1-inch touchscreen of the Audi Q5 infotainment system. But the system includes something for everyone. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, and two USB ports come with every Q5. When you throw in the available Wi-Fi hotspot, there is no reason you can't get connected on the road through Lexington, Kentucky. Everyone has access to their favorite songs and apps as you travel down the road.

You may have noticed there are a lot of things not mentioned, like the spectacular driver-assist suite of features and the available 349 horsepower of the Audi Q5. These are great things to have for you. When it comes to your passengers, they care most about comfort and connectivity. And the Audi Q5 does not let them down.

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