While Lexington may not see as much snow as the mountains of Colorado, our area does see enough winter weather to make snow tires a good idea. Despite their name, snow tires are good for much more than just a blizzard, and Audi of Lexington is here to tell you all that a good set of snow tires can bring to the table.

Compound and Composition

In actual fact, a more accurate name for snow tires would be winter tires, because they are designed to cope with a wide range of winter driving factors that go far beyond snow on the road. One of the biggest advantages of winter tires versus all-season or summer tires is their ability to provide improved grip, even on cold pavement. Because the rubber compound of a winter tire is softer and more flexible, you will have the grip you want and need to handle the roads with confidence, whereas all-season tires will lose some of their ability and summer tires will almost never be at peak performance. In addition, the chunky tread blocks and narrow sipes allow even greater flexibility in the tire tread, making for excellent grip on cold pavement as well as icy and even wet roads.

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